Our basketball skills clinics are taught by Chris McKendrick. Chris is an Impact certified player development specialist.

Chris is skilled at helping players develop their basketball skills and overcome “game like” obstacles with basketball concepts and training methods. Chris is currently certified in ball handling, footwork, and offensive playmaking. These certifications are proof that he has the competency to teach not only general basketball skills but also specific techniques and concepts.

Clinics are 90 minutes long and include the following:

3-5 min stretching

5-6 min warm up drills 3 sets
Running in place 10 sec
10 jumping jacks
10 scissor kicks
10 drop down pushups
10 mountain climbers
10 high knees
Defense stance w squat hold 10 sec
Dribbling drills 2 sets

R hand dribble 30 sec ,L hand dribble 30 sec ,
R hand hard pound dribble 20 sec ,L hand hard pound dribble 20 sec
R hand cross n back dribble 20 sec,L hand cross n back dribble 20 sec
Full sideline dribble step pass drill to coaches and back and so on.around courts
Dribble step pass drill with partner as the whole group will be paired up.along baseline
2 min break.
Strength and conditioning drills in 6 stations rotating every 5-6 min as a group

Triple threat cone drill w 6 lb heavy grip ball with coach
Close out drill with coach
Rope drill w 20 sec w coach
Step up drill w high knee raises w coach
Squat jump w coach
1 step ,shuttle steps 30 sec w coach
2 min break
Shooting stations rotating every 5 min as a group

Free throws station w coach  ( working on form and creating a free throw routine)
Mid wing,in/out step back jumpers station w coach, ( working on creating space w shot)
Pick n roll station w coach (working on both setting the screen w cut and the pass )
Post up station w coach  ( working on getting the ball and shot off w defender in face)
V cut drill w finish off layup w coach ,( working on movement w cuts and pass w layup)

2 min break
Shooting competition in teams in a timed scenario to end it on a fun competitive note




Clayton Community Gym, 700 gym court

8-17 and older
(Boys and Girls)

10:00 am – 11:30 am

$25 per class – Pay as you go

Improve overall basketball skills

Offensive Footwork, Playmaking Strategies and Ball Handling

Players MUST bring their own basketball

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