STUNT, the fastest growing female sport in the country, removes the crowd-leading element and focuses on the technical and athletic components of cheer, including partner stunts, pyramids, basket tosses, group jumps and tumbling. These elements are put together in short routines that both teams must perform head-to-head on the floor at the same time. The team that executes the skills best wins the round and the point, and has the opportunity to determine which routine level will be called next. With four quarters of play – partner stunts, pyramids & tosses, jumps & tumbling, and team routine – STUNT is an exciting sport to play, coach and watch. Check out a STUNT performance in action HERE.

USA Cheer created STUNT as an opportunity for colleges, universities and high schools to meet the strict Title IX requirements of a sport. With more than 500,000 high school cheerleaders, STUNT expands participation opportunities for young women by providing an avenue for female athletes to use their cheerleading background in a new format.

All Out Sports Leagues offers youth Stunt to all team levels. Our leagues are held each spring between April-June.

Team fee for our four week league is $0. Our league is FREE. Register today!

Teams must be registered with USA Cheer in order to compete in leagues. Register with USA Cheer by clicking here

Interested in joining the All Out-Blaze Stunt Team? Click Here for more information.

League Rules Here Coming Soon.

Team Registration For 2020 League Here »


Annual Event

The 3 point shooting contest is an exciting event open to boys and girls that runs during the first week of December each year. The contest will feature 3 divisions with a max of 24 players per division. Registration information is below.

Divisions are as follows:

  • Mighty Mites: 2nd – 3rd Grade (max of 24 players) 
  • Jr. Bantams: 4th – 5th Grade (max of 24 players) 
  • Bantams: 6th – 8th Grade (max of 24 players) 

The format is round robin. First round will allow players two chances to move forward to the single elimination round. Players will continue advancing until the final two players face off in the final round. The winning player will receive a 3 point champion trophy.

Entry fee for this event is $15


The All Out youth  volleyball camp program is committed to providing quality teaching, training and playing experiences. Our goal is to develop future generations of volleyball players who represent the game, themselves and the community with the highest level of character. We host camps in the spring and summer in  Clayton. Camps are geared toward teaching the fundamentals of the game. Camps are open to boys and girls ages 6 – 16.

Your child will become a better player after attending one of our camps. Private lessons are also available. Contact us at 925-203-5626.

Registration Includes

  • 3 or 4 Days Of Instruction
  • Conditioning
  • One On One and Group Training

Skill Levels

  • Recreational
    • If your son or daughter is interested in playing in our year round youth volleyball leagues; click here

Volleyball Camps

  • Spring Youth Volleyball Camp
  • Summer Youth Volleyball Camp

All Out Sports Leagues Refund Policy: Click Here.


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Want to improve your shot? Come rent our shooting machine and train like the Pros! Our shooting machines allow you to maximize the number of repetitions by rebounding and passing the ball for you!  Our shooting machine allows you to:

  • Train like NBA and College players
  • Shoot over 400 shots in 30 minutes
  • Customize the tempo of the ball
  • Move around to different shooting locations
  • Have it pass to you to work on post moves
  • And much much more!!!

Cost is $10 for 10 minutes or $25 for 30 minutes. To book a session contact us at


Our basketball skills clinics are taught by Chris McKendrick. Chris is an Impact certified player development specialist.

Chris is skilled at helping players develop their basketball skills and overcome “game like” obstacles with basketball concepts and training methods. Chris is currently certified in ball handling, footwork, and offensive playmaking. These certifications are proof that he has the competency to teach not only general basketball skills but also specific techniques and concepts.

Clinics are 90 minutes long and include the following:

3-5 min stretching

5-6 min warm up drills 3 sets
Running in place 10 sec
10 jumping jacks
10 scissor kicks
10 drop down pushups
10 mountain climbers
10 high knees
Defense stance w squat hold 10 sec
Dribbling drills 2 sets

R hand dribble 30 sec ,L hand dribble 30 sec ,
R hand hard pound dribble 20 sec ,L hand hard pound dribble 20 sec
R hand cross n back dribble 20 sec,L hand cross n back dribble 20 sec
Full sideline dribble step pass drill to coaches and back and so on.around courts
Dribble step pass drill with partner as the whole group will be paired up.along baseline
2 min break.
Strength and conditioning drills in 6 stations rotating every 5-6 min as a group

Triple threat cone drill w 6 lb heavy grip ball with coach
Close out drill with coach
Rope drill w 20 sec w coach
Step up drill w high knee raises w coach
Squat jump w coach
1 step ,shuttle steps 30 sec w coach
2 min break
Shooting stations rotating every 5 min as a group

Free throws station w coach  ( working on form and creating a free throw routine)
Mid wing,in/out step back jumpers station w coach, ( working on creating space w shot)
Pick n roll station w coach (working on both setting the screen w cut and the pass )
Post up station w coach  ( working on getting the ball and shot off w defender in face)
V cut drill w finish off layup w coach ,( working on movement w cuts and pass w layup)

2 min break
Shooting competition in teams in a timed scenario to end it on a fun competitive note




Clayton Community Gym, 700 gym court

8-17 and older
(Boys and Girls)

10:00 am – 11:30 am

$25 per class – Pay as you go

Improve overall basketball skills

Offensive Footwork, Playmaking Strategies and Ball Handling

Players MUST bring their own basketball

Adult Softball Past Champs

2017 SPRING: Shockers 2016 FALL: 5 O'clock somewhere 2016 SPRING: Swingers 2014 SPRING: Shocker Champs 2015 FALL: Shockers 2015 FALL: Shocker 2015 SPRING: It's 5 O'clock Somewhere

Adult Softball Tournaments

All Out Sports League hosts two coed adult softball tournaments per year; One in the winter and one in the spring. Our tournaments are one day events with a 3 game guarantee. Our tournaments are extremely organized, on time and is a great time for all teams and fans participating. All Out Sports League is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and organization. Our goal is for your entire team and fan base have a good time while attending. Please see below for our upcoming tournaments:



Youth Basketball Past Champs

2017 Summer Clayton Pee Wee: Pistons 2017 Summer Hercules: Bulls 2017 Summer Clayton Seniors: Pacers 2017 Summer Clayton Mighty Mites: Hawks 2017 Summer Clayton Jr. Bantam: Pelicans 2017 Summer Clayton Bantam: Nets 2017 Spring Clayton Bantam: 76ers 2017 Spring Clayton Jr. Bantam: Hawks 2017 Spring Clayton Mighty Mites: Magic 2017 Spring Clayton Pee Wees: Thunder 2017 Annual March Madness Bantam: Bears 2017 Annual March Madness Jr. Bantam: Wildcats 2017 Annual March Madness Mighty Mites: Warriors 2017 Annual March Madness Pee Wee: Knicks 2016 Winter Antioch Bantam: Bears 2016 Winter Antioch Jr. Bantam: Wildcats 2016 Winter Antioch Mighty Mites: Utes 2016 Winter Antioch Seniors: Wildcats 2016 Winter Antioch Pee Wee: Bruins 2016 Winter Clayton Pee Wee: Knicks 2016 Winter Clayton Bantams: Pacers 2016 Winter Clayton Jr. Bantams: Rockets 2016 Winter Clayton Mighty Mites: Warriors 2016 Fall Clayton Seniors: Lakers 2016 Fall Clayton Bantams: Pacers 2016 Fall Clayton Jr. Bantams: Thunder 2016 Fall Clayton Mighty Mites: Spurs 2016 Fall Clayton Pee-Wees: Heat 2016 Summer Clayton Pee Wees: Cavs 2016 Summer Clayton Mighty Mites: Kings 2016 Summer Clayton Bantam: T-Wolves 2016 Summer Clayton Jr. Bantam: Jazz 2016 Summer Clayton Seniors: Lakers 2015 Winter Antioch vs. Clayton Championship:
Clayton League Clippers (Pee Wee Division)
2015 Fall Clayton Seniors: Nets 2015 Winter Antioch vs. Clayton Championship:
Antioch League Bulldogs (Mighty Mite Division)
2015 Winter Antioch vs. Clayton Championship:
Antioch League Wildcats (Bantam Division)
2015 Winter Clayton Jr. Bantams: Warriors 2015 Fall Clayton Pee Wees: Knicks 2015 Fall Clayton Mighty Mites: Suns 2015 Fall Clayton Bantams: Wizards 2015 Winter Clayton Jr. Bantams: Bears 2015 Winter Antioch Seniors: Cougars 2015 Winter Antioch vs. Clayton Championship:
Antioch League Bears (Jr. Bantam Division)
2015 Winter Clayton Pee Wees: Clippers 2015 Winter Clayton Mighty Mites: Pistons 2015 Fall Clayton Jr. Bantams: Warriors 2015 Winter Antioch Pee Wees: Bears 2015 Winter Clayton Bantams: Nets

Adult Volleyball Past Champs

2017 SPRING CLAYTON: Demolition Crew 2017 EARLY SPRING CLAYTON: Team Crush 2016 FALL CLAYTON: Team Crush 2016 WINTER CLAYTON: DC Demolition Crew 2016 SUMMER CLAYTON: Team Fireball 2015 FALL ANTIOCH: (FU) Fired Up 2015 FALL CLAYTON: DC... Demolition Crew 2015 FALL CLAYTON: Demolition Crew 2015 SPRING CLAYTON: Ball Whisperers 2015 SUMMER/FALL CLAYTON: Crush 2015 WINTER CLAYTON: Crush


All Out Basketball Academy is the most exciting youth basketball league in Northern California! We offer programs for boys and girls, ages 4 – 17 from all areas.  We offer year round’ youth basketball leagues in Antioch, Clayton and Hercules. Thousands of kids are participating annually in our programs. Our Academy is committed to providing quality teaching, training and playing experiences. Our goal is to develop future generations of basketball players who represent the game, themselves and the community with the highest level of character.  Cost for our leagues range from $200-$220 per player.

Registration Includes

  • 6-7 Weeks of regular season
  • Playoffs for all teams
  • Full uniform that player keeps
  • 1 hour practice per week
  • 1 hour game per week
  • Championship Tee Shirts

Skill Levels

  • Competitive Travel Ball
    • If your son or daughter is interested in playing competitively and at a high level, consider our Blaze AAU basketball program in Clayton and Antioch. To learn more about the Blaze visit here.
  • Recreation Leagues
    • Our youth basketball leagues in Antioch, Clayton and Hercules are extremely organized and kids have a blast playing in them. We offer 10 youth basketball leagues per year.
    • Our recreational leagues are open to boys and girls in grades K-12th. We offer the following divisions: Pee Wees (K-1st), Mighty Mites (2nd-3rd), Jr. Bantam (4th-5th), Bantam (6th-8th), Senior (9th-12th). Any player wishing to “play down” must be approved in writing by the AOSL staff.
  •  Sunday Basketball Clinics
    • We offer 90 minute basketball clinics on Sunday’s. Click here to learn more or register for our clinics.

League Rules: Click Here.

Refund Policy: Click Here.


League Location
2021 Clayton "Winter" Youth Basketball League
Jan 15, 2022 - LEAGUE
Clayton Community Gym Register/Info
2021 Antioch "Winter" Youth Basketball League
Jan 15, 2022 - LEAGUE
Dallas Ranch Middle School Register/Info
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